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How to Play?

Your Goal

  • There are 5 worlds and 70 levels on the saga map. Each level contains unique brain games. 

  • Move up the quest and try to complete each level as fast as you can.

  • Complete ALL levels and make it to the Hall Of Fame. Earn stars and coins as you go.

The Brain Games

  • There are 5 different types of categories: Logic, Memory, Vision, Numbers, and Speed

  • Strategy: On the puzzle, drag the 9 numbers from the bottom to make 3 correct equations on the board. (There may be more than one way to do it!) 

  • You have a certain number of moves per puzzle (indicated below the board). Use coins to get more moves, if you run out.

  • Stuck? Tap the numbers on the board to undo your work and try again. (Tip: Tapping the upper left number will undo all equations.)

  • Use Power-Ups when needed…
              - Hint: Selecting this option reveals one equation.
              - Freeze: Selecting this option stops the time bomb for 10 seconds (only in world 2 and 3).

​​Leagues / Contests

  • Anytime you complete a level, you are automatically placed into a Daily League Contest. 
  • Rank top 3 in your league for the day and earn coins. If you think you are ready for more of a challenge, move up to a higher league.  Higher Leagues = Higher Rewards!
  • You can compete in multiple leagues at the same time. The more leagues you win, the more coins you get! 


Player vs. Player - Turn-Based 

  • Another way to earn coins in Numeris is to play one-on-one against others via PVP.
  • You can play against top players, Facebook friends, or random opponents.
  • Select the amount of your bet and the difficulty level to place your challenge.
  • You and your opponent take turns solving the same puzzle. You have 24 hours for each turn before your turn expires!
  • Solve 3 puzzles faster than your opponent to win.
  • Quit in the middle, you lose!

My Stats

  • Track your results.
  • ​Identify your strongest skills and areas where you need some work.